Our beginnings

The express industry first emerged during the 1970s. Since then, operations have developed from the delivery of documents and parcels to specialist items such as high-tech products, semiconductors and general air-freight commodities. Typically, the types of goods transported by express services are high-value items such as electronic components, automotive spares, product samples and pharmaceutical products.

With e-commerce becoming a major driver for the UK economy, the express industry will play an increasingly important role in the supply chain ensuring business efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Aims and objectives

The mission of the Association is to represent and inform its Members on matters related to the business of providing international express services; to improve and maintain professional standards within the industry; and to provide for the benefit of Members a representative forum for external discussions particularly with Government departments and agencies.

Joining AICES

If you would like to learn more about becoming an AICES member please email info@aices.org

The AICES Team

Amanda Francis
Chief Executive Officer
Amanda Zambon
Policy Director
Robert Pryce
Customs Consultant
Alex Wajih
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