HMRC publishes the UK’s Intergrated Tarriff Schedule

HMRC have published the UK’s Integrated Tariff Schedule from the announcement:

“These measures establish and give effect to the UK’s Integrated Tariff Schedule, setting out the rules governing the classification of goods and the approach for determining the tariff applicable to those goods.

The UK’s integrated tariff is based on the UK’s Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff schedule called the UK Global Tariff (UKGT), which the Government announced in May 2020.

In line with the World Trade Organization MFN principle, UKGT tariff rates apply to all trading partners the UK has no alternative agreements with, such as:

  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Regional Trading Arrangements
  • preferential access schemes (such as the Generalised Scheme of Preferences for developing countries)

As well as the UKGT, the UK’s Integrated Tariff Schedule includes:

  • suspensions
  • reliefs
  • tariff rate quotas
  • trade remedy measures
  • preferential tariffs
  • rules of origin for FTAs
  • preferential access schemes ”


More information can be found here:

The policy paper itself can be found here:

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