Offensive Weapons Act Commencement Confirmed 6th April

The Offensive Weapons Act Commencement Regulations have now been signed and laid. They will come into force from 6th April.

The guidance for the offensive weapons act can be found here: Offensive Weapons Act 2019 Statutory Guidance (

For overseas sellers, UK operators will need to carry out age verification on the doorstep of residential addresses and business addresses if the item being delivered is a bladed article. The delivery company will be found liable if this is not done.

In the case of a UK seller, if it’s a bladed article, it’s for the seller to confirm the age of the recipient at a residential address, however if it is a bladed product (a subset of more dangerous bladed articles), then again it is the delivery company that is liable for age verification to a residential address (but not a business address).

There are also similar restrictions on how you can deliver corrosive products. Most of the liability lies with the seller, and they need to ensure the package is appropriately labelled, a delivery company will be found liable if they enter an arrangement with an overseas seller to deliver corrosive products in the UK and then deliver the corrosive product into the hands of a person aged under 18 or left it at an address without age verification taking place.

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