Guidance on Russian Sanctions

Given the situation in Ukraine, and the ongoing sanctions imposed on Russia by the UK Government. AICES has provided to guidance on what’s important to consider when importing or exporting to Russia:

Things to consider when importing or exporting to Russia:

1 – Be aware of the UK-Russia sanctions and think about how you protect your business

2 –  Be aware of the serious consequences both reputational and  civil and criminal prosecution for sanction breaches by UK companies

3 –  Be familiar with the list of designated persons and companies that you cannot trade with

4 –  Be aware of the types of products that may be subject to sanctions, or need licences such as

  • military goods, chapter 88 and 93 of the tariff, dual use goods, energy products , a very wide range of high tech products, and soon luxury goods.


5 – Be aware that some logistics operators have chosen not to serve Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. You may get increased interest from new customers if you still serve these routes.

6 – The sanctions regimes and legislation is changing in response to the situation in Ukraine. Keep up to date with changes.

7 – Be vigilant to customers who were formerly using your service to Russia Belarus and Ukraine who start to use other lanes for similar products. Are these being diverted to Russia further down the supply chain?

8 – Protect your existing customs authorisations such as the Export MoU. Ensure that your checks are robust, you refer suspicious activity and you remain compliant

9 – Be aware of the increased import duty rates and license requirements for goods imported to the UK from Russia

Relevant links in terms of Government guidance on Russia:

Before you agree to import, we would recommend you go to DITs Import Licensing Branch as the first point of call

And for export:

Enquiries about the Russia sanctions should be made to the Export Support Service who now have a dedicated sanctions line phone 0300 303 8955


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