New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) 5 goes live in the UK on 16 November 2023

All Common Transit Convention countries migrate to this new version on different dates between now and the end of November 2023. It will require transit users to obtain updated software from software providers.

One of the key operational changes is that commodity codes will be required.

A HMRC briefing explains the background to the change to NCTS 5, recommended steps to take next, and practical issues around handling transit movements that cross the NCTS 4 – NCTS 5 cutover.

HMRC will be engaging directly with AICES throughout this year on NCTS 5 and we expect to hold a meeting shortly to cover the handling of split shipments, user testing, details of the cutover on 16 Nov 23, and IT capacity resulting from higher volumes of declarations.

HMRC Transit Newsletters with general updates about changes are here


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